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Remote Control

LON-CAPA also offers a Remote Control menu. The Remote Control is a separate pop-up browser window, and is automatically sized and placed in the upper left of the screen. To enable and experiment with the Remote Control menu, navigate to: Main Menu > My Space > Set my user preferences > Content Display Settings > Launch Remote Control. To exit from the remote, either close the window, or look for the inline menu command to exit on the upper right of the parent browser window.

Hints for each button appear when hovering over the buttons. Click the words Extended Display immediately above the remote command display to obtain a list of hints.

Figure 1: Author Remote Control

The commands available on the remote change depending on whether you are in a authoring role or course role, and, in the case of a course role, change depending on the functionality available to your current role for the screen currently displayed in the main browser window. Some of the important commands on the Remote Control are: