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Surveys are created by authoring a conventional problem, such as a Radio button or Option problem. During the authoring process, you will need to select one of the foils as "correct". Which foil is set to "correct" will not matter, however; that setting will be ignored when you implement the survey.

Within the course environment, to add a survey to the course, insert the "problem", and then set the parameter for "Question Type" to "Survey", "Survey with Credit", or "Anonymous Survey". To evaluate the survey, you will perform analysis using Reports - > Survey Results or Statistics and Analysis - > Detailed Problem Analysis.

The results examined with either tool will be displayed sorted by foil name, so take some care while authoring to name the foils. For example "Foil10" appears before "Foil2" alphabetically, so your survey may easier to interpret if you insert a zero before single digits, such as "Foil02" and "Foil10" which will sort as expected.