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Mac OS 10.9 (Mavericks) and earlier

  1. Select the "Go" item in the Finder toolbar and select "Connect to Server".

    Figure 1: MacOS "Connect to Server"

  2. Enter a URL for a library server where the Authoring Space is located: e.g., https:// < hostname > /webdav/ < dom > / < username > / where dom is the domain, and username is the username of the Authoring Space owner.

    Figure 2: MacOS WebDAV URL

  3. You will be prompted to enter a username (this will be your LON-CAPA username if you are the author, or your LON-CAPA username,domain if you are a co-author with a domain different to that of the author) and your LON-CAPA password.

    Figure 3: MacOS WebDAV Authentication

  4. In the directory listing, you can use control + click for a particular file to choose an application to use to open it (e.g., Text Wrangler for .problem files).

    Figure 4: MacOS WebDAV Directory Listing

    Figure 5: MacOS Editing a file accessed via WebDAV