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If you choose to batch create LON-CAPA courses by uploading a file containing an XML-based description of the attributes of one or more courses, the XML used in course description should conform to the following, with MSU-specific values replaced with values appropriate for your domain and institution:

Example of XML for a single course  

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!DOCTYPE text>
<class id="ss05ubw101">
<title>Underwater Basket Weaving</title>
<role id="in">

Many of these are binary options (corresponding to either checkboxes or radio buttons in the interactive "Create Course" page).

Examples include: setpolicy, setcontent, setkeys, disableresdis, disablechat, openall.

A value of 1 between opening and closing tags is equivalent to a checked checkbox or 'Yes' response in the original interactive "Create Course" web page.

A value of 0 or blank is equivalent to an unchecked box or 'No' response.

Dates are in the format YYYY:MM:DD:HH:MM:SS (:separators required)

If openall has a value of 1, but openallfrom is blank, then the opendate set at a course-level will be the time the batch creation of the course occurs, otherwise the date specified for openallfrom will be the date used.

firstres can be nav, syl, or blank for "Navigate Contents", Syllabus, or no entry respectively.

crstype is currently one of Course, Community or Placement

crsquota is the total disk space (in Mb) permitted for course group portfolio files in all course groups.

For format of other parameters, refer to the interactive CCRS page and view how the equivalent parameter is displayed in the web form.