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It is possible to configure bridge tasks such that only when a student passes a Bridge Task does the next Bridge Task appear to the student. This feature is useful in such cases as Bridge Tasks are related to one another, and the results of one Bridge Task is needed for the next Bridge Task.

To create configure bridge tasks these way, a sequence page must be created. A resource author starts at his/her authoring space (Main menu: AUTH). Once in the authoring space, the author create a new assembled sequence. See the section Help for a more concise reference on condition and sequences.

The author must create various conditionals to determine which resources to show. The easiest way to do this is by using advanced edit. The advanced edit visualizes the various conditions and resources. This interface needs popups, so make sure popups are enabled in the browser.

In the main starting view of the advanced edit, there are two squares, marked start and end respectively. Start by creating a link between the start square and the end square. To do this click on the start square (on the row under the text start), select "Link Resource", then click on the end square. A link is now created between the start and the end boxes.

Once a link is created the author adds resources and conditions. Click on the link and then choose insert resource into link. This allows the placement of a resource such as a bridge task into the sequence. Once the resource is placed into the link, the author should create a mapalias. To do this, select the resource, then click on set parameters, and change the value of Custom Parameter to an alias.

Under each square is an area of the same color as the square, these areas can be used to create conditionals to get to the next resource to the sequence. This document only discusses using conditionals to block access to the next resource (including Bridge Tasks).

Add conditionals by clicking on the area just under the squares. A popup window will appear with a condition box and some options. The condition box allows the author to enter a variety of different conditions. To block access to the next resource, select the second option "Blocking this link if false".

The conditions used will be :

&EXT('user.resource.resource.0.awarded','<alias of resource>') eq '1'

< alias of resource > should be changed to the alias set for the previous resource that the student needs to pass before the next resource is unblocked. If the student has not passed a particular homework/problem/bridge task, the value of user.resource.resource.0.awarded is 0 otherwise the value is 1. This line checks whether the value of user.resource.resource.0.awarded for that resource is equals to 1, if not the link is blocked and the next resources are not shown to the user.