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After a student finishes creating the Bridge Task, the student must hand in the files. There are many ways to do this, students can email the files necessary, or students can email a link to the instructor that shows where his files are. LON-CAPA provides a way to upload file using the portfolio. The portfolio is a space given to each student which can contain files and is shareable.

The process of handing in files consists of:

  1. Upload files into portfolio

  2. Select the files to be submitted

  3. Submit the files

At the end of every bridge task there will be a box to submit files in the portfolio for grading. When the student click on the link "select portfolio files", a new window is opened showing the content of the student's portfolio. The student can create directories in the portfolio and upload files using the upload file buttons.

Once the files that are needed are uploaded, the student select (by checking the checkbox next to the filenames) of all files that he needs to submit to the instructor. Once all files needed are checked off, the student needs to press the "select checked files and close window" button.

By pressing the close window button, the student's portfolio window should close, and the student should see his or her Bridge Task Page. The text field in the upload files into portfolio should contain the list of names. The student must then press 'submit answer' to submit the answer to be graded.

If the student needs to resubmit the file, the student must repeat the process and check off all the files (not only new files) that needs to be submitted. Once a file is submitted, the student may not overwrite or delete the files.