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The first step in making bridge tasks available to students is to include it in the document space. To do this:

  1. Enter the course coordinator space for the course

  2. Go to "Course Documents" and click on import. This page gives the list of files that you have created.

  3. Select the bridge task and press import to insert the file to the list of documents.

  4. After importing the document, you must re-initialize the course.

Now the assignment is in the list of documents, but it is not available for students. There are two ways of making bridge tasks available to students. One method is by using slots (the default method), which restrict the bridge task document to open at certain time/place only. The other method allows students to take bridge task like any other Lon-CAPA assignments, that is at any time they want within opening and closing dates. This method does not restrict the access to particular computers or rooms. Any student in the course may open the BT.

If you want to use slots, first create the slots (See Bridge Task and Slots Help). Once the BT is imported (and slots are created) go back to the document list and click on the bridge task resource, this should take you to a page that shows the resource content. If you are not using slots, click on the bridge task resource. Whether using or not using slots, click on PPRM (a button on the top menu) to modify parameters for this resource.

Set the opening date and the due date (if any) in the for resource column. To do this, click on the * in the in course for resource column. A pop up should appear. Enter the date you want the resource to be available and click the store link.

If you are using slots:

  1. Change the "Use slot based access controls" parameter to "Yes".

  2. Change the "Slots of availability" parameter for the course in for resource column to the name of the slot that you created. You may need to change the input type (the combo box at the top of the popup) to 'String Value' instead of 'default'.

If you are not using slots:

  1. Change the "Use slot based access controls" parameter to "no" by clicking on the * in the for resource column

The bridge task should now be available to students. To see the BT in the student view, switch to a student role in your course. Navigate contents and click on the resource.