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Once all questions are written, the file must be closed with the < /Task > tag. The file must be saved with a .task extension then placed into a LON CAPA author's folder. To upload the file simply go to the authoring space and simply upload the new file using the upload new document button. Once the file is uploaded to LON CAPA, the author can publish the file so that the domain coordinator will be able to use the file. To do this select publish (or re-publish) in the select action combo box next to the filename.

The LON CAPA interface allows you to view the bridge task from different point of views. You can see it from the student's view, the grader view, or the student's view after feedback:

  1. From the list of files authored, click on the bridge task that has just been created/edited. A pull-down menu with the label "Problem Status" is located just above the question

  2. Select "Answerable" to see the original view, "Criteria Grading" to see a grader view, and "Show Feedback" to see the feedback view .To see the feedback view properly, you must have graded the student with the grader view. Once you have graded using the feedback view however, the answerable view will be similar to the feedback view.

  3. To reset the view a "Reset Submissions" button is provided.