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In a discussion board or resource in which there has been discussion, display settings will determine: (a) which posts are displayed, and (b) which are marked as 'NEW'.

The default is for all posts to be displayed, and for new posts to remain marked as 'NEW' until you explicitly mark them as read.

You can set a personal preference that will apply to your display of all discussions in all courses. If you change the display settings in an individual board or resource, by using the Change link beneath the postings, those settings will override the default or a global preference you set using your Set user preferences screen. To set/change your global discussion display preferences:

  1. Either select Preferences from the dropdown list displayed when you mouseover your name at the top left of the screen or click Main Menu on the Inline Menu and then select Set user preferences in the My Space group

  2. At the Set User Preferences screen, select Discussion Display.

  3. Check one or both 'Change' checkboxes in the Action column.

  4. Click Save.