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To modify the class list, you must either be the Course Coordinator for that class, or have a custom role with the appropriate "Grant/revoke role of Student" privilege. Do the following:

  1. Mouseover the People item in the inline menu and click Users or select Manage course users on the Main Menu.

  2. At the User Management screen, select Add/Modify a Student.

  3. You can use the Search for a user and enroll as a student section to search for a user by username, or last name, in a specific LON-CAPA domain, or in an institutional directory, if the domain has access to an institutional directory search service. You can also click the Select User link and a window will open with a list of all the users in the course.

    Note: If you know the exact username, you can either use a "username is ..." search in the search section, or type the username in the textbox in the Enroll one student section.

  4. Click the
    Search and Enroll
    button, as appropriate.

  5. Enter the relevant student information, login type, start/end dates, and optional section affiliation for the student.

  6. Click the
    Enroll Student
    button to complete the process.