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Course personnel with rights to create users in a course can add a user to a course or modify a user's privileges, as follows: (Note: if creation of new users is not permitted in your domain, you will only be able to add a user with an existing account in the LON-CAPA system).

  1. Mouseover the People item in the inline menu and click Users or select Manage course users in the "User Management" box on the Main Menu page.

  2. At the User Management screen, select Add/Modify a Course User.

  3. You can use the Search for a user and modify/add user information or roles section to search for a user by username, or last name, in a specific LON-CAPA domain, or in an institutional directory, if the domain has access to an institutional directory search service. You can also click the Select User link and a window will open with a list of all the users in the course.

    Note: If you know the exact username, you can either use a "username is ..." search in the search section, or type the username in the textbox in the Search criteria section.

  4. Click the Search or Create/Modify user button, as appropriate.

    Note: If the user exists, the Modify existing user screen will display the user's information, existing roles and roles you can assign. Which fields appear as textboxes in the Personal Data table, and may be modified, will depend on policies set for the domain.

    Note: If this will be a new user, the Create New User screen will display fields to type in the user's information, and roles you can assign.

  5. Click the box next to the roles you wish to revoke, or add to the user. If you are adding roles, a section can be assigned (not required) by choosing from existing sections or typing a new one. You can also provide starting and ending dates for the role.

  6. To save your changes click