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A course can not be "deleted" from a LON-CAPA server. Courses occupy very little storage space, and an inactive course is not a burden on the system. On the other hand, allowing data to be permanently deleted could lead to serious accidental data loss.

You can expire the roles for all users in the course. For example, when you use Add/Modify a Student or Add/Modify a Course User to put students or Course Coordinators into a course, you can set an ending date for those roles. When the ending date is reached, the role associated with the course will not be accessible to the user any more.

If you view the User Roles screen, you will see a checkbox at the top that allows you to display all roles. If you check that box and click the

Update display
button, you can see your current and expired roles, if any.

It is a good idea to get into the habit of setting end dates for all courses.