help logoLON-CAPA Help

  1. Mouseover the People item in the inline menu and select Groups or click "Manage course users" ( on the Main Menu, and click the Manage Course Groups link, or click GRPS on the Remote Control (if used).

  2. If you have already created groups these will be listed in a table. There are also links to create a new group, or re-enable a deleted group (if any exist), if you have group modification privileges.

  3. For a particular group, click the View link to display the group's homepage, and to access collaboration functions in the group. Similarly, click the Modify or Delete links, respectively, to change group settings and/or membership, or to delete a group.

  4. For a particular group, membership (by status) and the privileges of each group member can be displayed by clicking the active, previous or future links, available when group members exist with that status.