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To modify student data, the user must either be a Course Coordinator for the course or have a custom role in the course which includes the privilege to grant and revoke student roles.

  1. Select Manage course users on the Main Menu.

  2. At the User Management screen, select Manage Course Users.

  3. At the List Users screen, if necessary set the user status to Currently Has Access, and set the role type to student, from the status and role pulldown menus. The screen will then display the current class list. (The user may also change the status filter to display previously enrolled or some other enrollment status for the class.)

  4. In the box headlined "Behavior of clickable username link for each user", click the "Modify a user's information" radio button.

  5. Click on the username to modify the student's information. The screen will display the student name and his or her data.

  6. Modify the student data.

  7. Click the
    button to finish.