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This panel lets you set the course/community environment variable: "reshome", which will have been set to /res/coursedomain (where coursedomain is the course's domain) when the course was first created.

The variable "reshome" determines where the Home link points to when a Course Coordinator displays the virtual filesystem used to browse or import content from the shared content pool.

This panel also lets you create your own course environment variables, which, for example, could be accessed when rendering a homework problem by accessing the variable via &EXT("course.myvariablename"), where "myvariablename" is the name assigned in the "Create New Environment Variable" textbox. In course context the value set in the textbox in the "Value" column would be retrieved by the &EXT() call. See the "Table: LON-CAPA Functions" section in the Authoring manual for more information about &EXT().