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As Course Coordinator, you can generate sorted lists of users in a course, filtered by status, role, section, and or group affiliation in a variety of formats (HTML for display, or CSV or Excel for download). As an author (role selected), you can use this same mechanism to display information about co-authors assigned to your authoring space.

  1. Mouseover the People item in the inline menu and click Users or select Main Menu and then select Manage course users.

  2. At the User Management screen, select Manage Course Users.

  3. At the List Users screen, select the user status, and role type you wish to view from the status and role pulldown menus. If the course contains users affiliated with sections, an additional pulldown will be available to select the section. A groups pulldown menu is included if groups have been created in the course. Check the checkboxes in the 'Information to show' box for all columns you wish to include in the output. Note: some boxes may be grayed out (e.g., role, unless role type is set to 'Any role').

  4. To change the sort order of the users list, click on a column title in the table, to sort by the attribute in that column.

  5. Use pulldown menu in the "Action to take for selected users" box, if you wish to modify start/end dates, or section assignments for a number of users all at once.

    Note: a checkbox to include a user (and role) in this bulk action is only available when you have the privileges to modify that role.

    Select an action from the pulldown menu. In all cases, except when revoking a role, this will cause a separate window to open where you will choose the new access dates or section change to apply.

  6. Check the checkboxes for the users to modify and click the

Note: When displaying user lists you also have the choice to output the users list to CSV format or Excel format. To do this, select CSV or Excel from the "Output format" pulldown menu.