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Web Pages housed on a web server external to the LON-CAPA content network can be displayed in a LON-CAPA course, within the standard interface, (i.e., inline menu including navigation controls, and links/icons), by adding an External Resource to the course.

  1. Select Course Editor on the Inline Menu or Edit course contents within Main Menu.

  2. On the in-line menu of the Course Editor screen, click
    . Next click on External Resource.

  3. Type in the title of the web resource you wish to add in the Title text box.

  4. Type in the URL of the web resource in the URL text box.

  5. Click the
    button to see if the web resource is in the frame below the entry fields.

  6. Click the
    Add Link
    button to add the web resource to the course.

NOTE: Your new resources will be visible the next time you log in, or by

re-initializing course