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Syllabus adds a syllabus to your course. By default this will be a traditional syllabus template page, which can be filled out with standard syllabus information. To create a syllabus using the syllabus template, do the following:

  1. Select Course Editor on the Inline Menu or Edit course contents within the Main Menu

  2. At the Course Editor screen within the Main Content Editor tab, click
    on the menu bar above the course contents. Next click on Syllabus to insert a syllabus template.

  3. Click the
    re-initializing course
    button to make changes active for the current session.

    NOTE: The file will appear in the main course document list, where the user can move, rename, or remove it. If the user does not click

    re-initialize course
    the changes will become active the next time the user logs in. When you first add a syllabus to a course using the Course Editor you will need to click that button in order to be able to edit it.

  4. Click the Edit link in the Actions column.

  5. By default the standard syllabus template is selected. Check checkboxes for any items in the 'Choose template items ...' box which you wish to edit. For one checked a box containing a text area for editing will be displayed.

    For more information about using LON-CAPA's templated text entry system, please see the Editing Template Files section (Help).

  6. Click the Save button to save your changes.

NOTE 1: To see the student view, click the Exit Editing link in the Functions menu just below the top of the screen.

NOTE 2: If your syllabus is already anywhere on the web (in or outside of LON-CAPA), you can either: