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A student-viewable course roster can be enabled in two ways:

For the first method proceed as follows:

  1. Select the Course Editor from the online menu.

  2. Select the Collaboration tab.

  3. Select the "Course Roster" item.

  4. Click the 'Edit' link, and set 'Student-viewable roster settings' One of: 'Classlist of all sections' or Classlist of viewer's section needs to be selected for the classlist to be accessible to students.

  5. Click 'Save'

  6. Click 'Exit Editing'

For the second method proceed as follows:

  1. Select Course Settings from the Settings dropdown in the inline menu.

  2. Check the checkbox for Classlists and staff listing and click 'Display'

  3. Make appropriate selections in the Student-viewable classlist options area

  4. Click 'Save'

Note: the information displayed in the student-viewable roster is as follows:

You can choose whether student's individually need to opt-in to be displayed in the student-viewable roster.

When display of a student-viewable roster is enabled in a course, a student's inline menu will include a People item. If display is not enabled that item will be absent.