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A dropbox is used for students to upload files for grading.

There are two ways for students to add a file to a dropbox.

In both cases, the

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button needs to be pressed to complete the submission.

What happens in the case of a directly uploaded file is that the file will be saved in a "turned_in" directory in the student's portfolio. In all cases, by associating file(s) with this dropbox, the file status in the portfolio changes to "locked" such that it can not be modified by the student, until the instructor has graded it, or the student deletes its association with the dropbox.

The "Currently submitted files" area contains a listing of files currently submitted via the dropbox. A student can check the Delete checkbox, and then

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to remove them from the dropbox. Note: the files themselves remain in the student's portfolio, and are not deleted.

A student can continue to upload files until the due date for the dropbox is reached, or (if before the due date) until the submissions have been graded, and full credit received. An existing submitted file can be overwritten with a file of the same name.

If a student chooses the radio button: "Save entries below (not submitted for credit yet)", then the student will not be listed as having submissions in the grading screen, and the count for number ungraded in the What's New screen (Problems requiring handgrading) will not include this student.

The student needs to return to the dropbox before the due date and check the radio button: "Submit entries below as answer to receive credit", making sure that the file(s) to be graded are listed in the "Currently submitted files" area. The student will complete the submission by pressing

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