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Any resource from the LON-CAPA network that you have permission to use can be imported into your course documents, provided you are the Course Coordinator. All resources from the LON-CAPA network can also be imported.

  1. The Browse tool is intended for use when you know the folder location of the resource, click on Import. The Browse Published Resources screen will open with a view of the LON-CAPA network. Navigate to find the desired resource. For more guidance on Browsing, see the section Help.

  2. Check the boxes next to the resources you wish to import.

  3. Click the
    button at the top of the screen.

  4. When selecting more than one document, you can re-arrange the order. Prior to insertion into the course document sequence, click the
    Continue Import
    button to collect more resources, or to cancel the process. Click the
    Finish Import
    button to add the resources to your course documents.

If you are importing a Web Page, it is important to understand that image/linked files do not need to be specifically imported into a course, if used within a published file which is already imported into a course. The metadata for the imported web page includes the dependencies, and import of the web page into the course automatically allows students enrolled in the course access to view the images as well as the web page which contains them.

NOTE: Your new resources will be visible the next time you log in, or by

re-initializing course