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The Numerical Response question type requires students to enter a number as their answer.

Enter the question you wish to ask in the "Question Text" text area.

Editing of this problem type requires the specification of an answer in the "Correct answer" text box.

If you wish to use units, enter a supported unit in the "Units" text box. Unless the required answer will be a pure integer you should include a tolerance in the "Tolerance" text box. Tolerances can be set to be relative (by ending the entry in the tolerance textbox with a %), or absolute. If you wish to restrict the number of significant disgits which may be entered, replace the default (1,15) with either a single digit, or two comma separated digits (min and max number of signficant digits required). The format text box controls the formatting used when the 'correct' answer is displayed to a student.

The answer which students need to enter for a Numerical Response question type can be determined dynamically at the time the question is rendered for each student. Consequently, it is possible for different students to receive different versions of the problem, if you define some variables in the "Scripting (optional)" text area. Those variables can also be included in the Question Text itself (in which case the variable will be replaced with current viewer's value). Equally the answer which is expected can also be a variable. The programming language used in the scripting block is Perl. In perl, variable names are prefaced with $ and set equal to a value, or more commonly to the value of some function with the assignment operator: =

LON-CAPA provides a number of functions, including &random() which will generate a random number for each student. The randomization is repeatable for each student each time he/she displays a particular instance of the Numerical Response problem in a course, but generally will be not be the same for two students (the student's username is included as one part of the seed used in the randomization). See the "Calling Functions" section in the Authoring Manual.

For more information about available script functions in LON-CAPA see the LON-CAPA Functions section in the Authoring manual.

When finished editing, click the

Save and Edit
button and then the Exit editing link in the Functions section of the Inline Menu.