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An External Scores item provides an upload or manual entry for scores. For example, manually graded homework, manually graded exams, or clicker scores can be uploaded using the External Scores content. Create an External Score item for each assignment that you will upload. You can insert a Score Upload Form into your course, and use it to enter student's scores for an exam, project, or any other assignment.

To create a Score Upload Form, do the following:

  1. Log in to the course you wish to add a Score Upload Form to.

  2. Select Course Editor on the Inline Menu or Edit course contents within the Main Menu.

  3. At the top of the Course Editor listing, click Grading. Next click on External Scores.

  4. In the pop up window, type the name of the new page and click OK.

To upload scores:

  1. Navigate to the External Scores content. Select the 'Content Settings' item in the Functions menu.

  2. In the column titled 'For Resource', set the problem weight.

  3. Return to the problem and choose the inline menu item: 'Content grades'.

  4. Choose the option to upload scores.

  5. Browse your computer to find the file with your students' scores. The file can be a CSV file, a text file with values separated by a semicolon, or a tabulator separated file. The file can contain unnecessary data. However, it must contain one column that is either the username or student ID number and another column that is either the number of points or the partial credit factor (for example, .8 for 80 percent). If your students are in multiple LON-CAPA domains, then you must include a domain column. Optionally, you can include a column for problem status (for example, to excuse the problem or reset the problem status) and a column to define the number of attempts (tries).

  6. Click the button to upload scores.

  7. For each mandatory and optional column, match it to the appropriate field. Columns that contain unnecessary data for LON-CAPA can be left alone.

  8. Click the button to 'Assign Grades.'