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To add a Simple Problem to your course documents, do the following:

  1. Select Course Editor on the Inline Menu or Edit course contents within Main Menu.

  2. On the in-line menu of the Course Editor screen, click
    . Next click on Simple Problem.

  3. In the pop up window, type the name of the new page and click OK.

    The page will appear at the bottom of the course document area to which you added it.

  4. Click the
    re-initializing course

  5. Click on the problem link in the Document column to open the problem.

  6. Click the Edit link to edit your problem. Choose one of the question types from the drop-down menu and then click the
    Save and Edit

  7. Edit the problem and click the
    Save and Edit
    button to view your changes.

The possible problem types are: 1 of N multiple choice; Option Response; Essay; Short String Response, Numerical Response.