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LON-CAPA provides a mechanism to search for users by complete username, last name, or last name,first name (or fragments of each). Accounts within the LON-CAPA domain itself can be searched, or alternatively, an institutional directory may be searched, if you are able to implement a conduit to directory information to support such searches. This will be done by customizing the &get_userinfo() routine in This routine has a dual role in LON-CAPA. Not only will it support searches where the user is not excatly known, but it can also be used to retrieve institutional records for a specific username or student/employee ID. This latter mode of use is appropriate when adding a new user to LON-CAPA.

Settings for directory searches apply either to institutional directory searches or to LON-CAPA domain searches.

  1. Institutional Directory searches

  2. LON-CAPA Domain searches

In the case of a "contains" type search at least three characters must be entered by the user as the search term. Searches are case insensitive.