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Prior to LON-CAPA 2.7, default language and authentication type/argument were defined in the domain's entry in the file. Those settings will continue to be used by servers in your domain until you have displayed and saved the Default authentication, language, timezone data table. Once that has been done, whenever values need to be determined for these settings in the domain they will be retrieved from the configuration.db file on the primary library server in your domain, which is where information saved from the "Domain Configuration" data tables is stored. Any information in the file will no longer be consulted, except by servers running pre-2.7 versions of LON-CAPA.

Default domain configurations can be assigned for:

Institutional user types can also be defined for the domain via the same screen.

Prior to LON-CAPA 2.11, institutional user types were defined in the &inst_usertypes subroutine in, which would be customized for consistency with types defined in institutional data feeds. Setting of user types via the Domain Configuration web GUI supersedes use of localenroll::inst_usertypes(). Items that can be set are: