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A domain configuration can be used to determine which users in the domain may request creation of an Authoring Space.

The default is for no Authoring Space requests by any domain users.

Authoring requests may be set to be processed automatically or queued for approval by a Domain Coordinator.

LON-CAPA can be configured to send messages to Domain Coordinators to notify them when an Authoring Space has been requested and queued pending approval. Recipients of such messages are selected from users with an active Domain Coordinator role for the domain. These same users will also receive messages when an Authoring Space request has been approved. A LON-CAPA message is also sent to the requestor when a queued request is approved.

Authoring Space request settings may be different for the various affiliations defined for the institution (e.g., Faculty, Staff etc.). If users are not affiliated with any institutional group, they can be accommodated within the default "Other users" group which is provided automatically. If no status types are defined for your domain, this default group is entitled "All users".

In addition, settings may be defined for users with "advanced" roles in LON-CAPA (i.e., users with co-author, coordinator, instructor or administrator roles) which will override the course request settings based on affiliation.

The "default" settings which apply to a particular user based on domain configuration, may be overridden for that specific user, by a Domain Coordinator. The "Add/Modify a User" page for a user includes a section where custom settings can be selected for requests for an Authoring Space.