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Ordinarily, course personnel (e.g., Coordinators) have the right to configure self-enrollment settings in a course to determine which types of LON-CAPA user (if any) may request enrollment in their courses (and when), and how such requests will be handled.

However, the domain can be configured such that control of self-enrollment in courses is a domain coordinator action. Control over self-enrollment is very granular - each of the seven settings can be set, by default, to be under the control of domain coordinators, or under the control of course coordinators. In addition domain-wide default settings can be overridden for each of the seven, on a course by course basis, by using the "View or modify a course or community" utility from the Domain Coordinators' main menu, to select a course, in which to set different choices.

The seven self-enrollment settings are:

The options for processing of self-enrollment requests are to: (a) process automatically, (b) queue pending approval, and (c) queue pending validation.

In the case of self-enrollment queued pending validation, the validation itself can be carried out via an external validation server/script. Validation is configured at the domain level, by providing: (a) the web address of the validation server (and/or script), the form fields to send to the validator - one or more of: username, domain, six-character code, course Id, coursetype (i.e., official, unofficial, community, or textbook course), and course descripton (i.e., title). The text used for the button displayed when a student has submitted a self-enrollment request (for validation), as well as accompanying text (HTML format) can also be set in the domain configuration.