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For Course Coordinators, the inline menu includes a Public dropdown item containing selections for Syllabus and Feeds. For all other course participants, the inline menu will include a Syllabus item, unless the Syllabus has been included in the course's Content area, and items have been added to it. There is also a link to a course's syllabus for each course listed on a user's Roles screen.

The main effect of including a Syllabus item explicitly within course content is that students will be able to generate a PDF for printing using LON-CAPA's print utility. If, on the other hand, the syllabus is not added to the contents, but instead remains as an item in a student's inline menu, students will need to use a browser's own printing support to print it.

When you select "Syllabus" from the Public dropdown a syllabus page will be displayed containing the current syllabus style specified for your course. By default, this will be the standard template, which includes a listing of Course Personnel (and their roles in the course), and any fields which have been completed previously using the Syllabus template.

By default, a syllabus item will have been placed in your course's Main Content area when your course was created (unless it was cloned from an existing course). You can use the Remove link for this item in the Course Editor if you do not wish to have the syllabus included within the Main Content.

To edit the syllabus select Edit from the Functions menu.

Your choices for the syllabus are:

Clicking the Exit Editing link will show you you how the syllabus will look when viewed by your students. You can copy the URL of your syllabus and distribute it to anyone. The syllabus is publicly viewable and anyone can see it, even without logging into LON-CAPA.