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"Function" - Enter the function here. An equals sign is not necessary. Just give the right hand side of the function. LON-CAPA variables are usable as well to allow individualized problems for each student. The syntax must be syntax recognized by GeoGebra. To test syntax for Geogebra directly, visit .

"Initial x-value" and "Final x-value" - The function does not need to span the entire graph. It is possible to create a piecewise function by defining the x-values over which each function is to be shown.

"Label on Plot" - To label the background function (for example, as "parabola"), enter it here.

"Color" - To change the color of the background function, enter the hex code for that color here. The default is 000000 (black). It is recommended to choose a color other than green, since it is easily confused with being the answer.