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Used to create rules that aren't options using the other rules. The coding is done in Perl and follows Perl syntax. Any variable written inside this rule will be recognized as normal and any evaluation function can be used as well.

Available evaluation functions:

  1. &fpr_val("label")

  2. &fpr_f($x)

  3. &fpr_dfdx($x)

  4. &fpr_d2fdx2($x)

  5. ($xs,$xe,$ys,$ye)=&fpr_vectorcoords("Name")

  6. ($x,$y)=&fpr_objectcoords("Name")

  7. &fpr_vectorlength("Name")

  8. &fpr_vectorangle("Name")

Returning 1 is correct, while returning 0 is incorrect.

Example comparing the lengths of two vectors:

if (&fpr_vectorlength("Normal") < &fpr_vectorlength("Gravity"))
{return 1;}
{return 0;}