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Creating a Function Plot Response problem involves several steps. This section introduces the major settings and subsequent sections cover other details.

"Label x-axis" and "Label y-axis" - Enter the label and/or units for the axes on the graph. Leaving them blank will result in no axis labels.

"Minimum x-value", "Maximum x-value", "Minimum y-value", and "Maximum y-value" - Entering values here will set the value of the graph at the left, right, bottom, and top edges (respectively). Default is -10, 10, -10, and 10 respectively.

"x-axis visible" and "y-axis visible" - This allows for each axis to be turned on or off.

"Grid visible" - This determines whether or not the grid is on the graph.

"Background plot(s) for answer" - This is a green curve the computer will display once the correct answer has been submitted. It is static, and can be given as a piecewise function. Since some problems will have multiple correct answers, this necessarily will only be a possible answer. Only the left hand side of the equation is necessary. For example, entering x+2 will display the line y=x+2. The syntax must be syntax recognized by GeoGebra. To test syntax for Geogebra directly, visit .

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