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  1. At the top of the Select individual students to grade screen, select the students you want included using one of the following choices:

  2. Click

  3. On the Student Submissions screen select how you wish to see the student's version of the problem along with the answers.

  4. Change Grading Increments and Check For Plagiarism, if desired.

  5. Select the student(s) to view, grade, or regrade.

  6. Click the

  7. At the Modify grades screen, review the answers and select the points you wish to assign the student(s). You also have the option to excuse the student(s) from the problem by using the Grade Status pull down menu.

    Note: The computer has automatically graded all the Problems with a red check mark. You can of course change the scoring for these problems, but there are few faster ways to alienate your students then marking things as incorrect the computer said were correct.

  8. After you have finished viewing or manually grading the problem answers, choose one of the following options:

  9. When you are done grading, exit the screen by clicking Return to Last Location in the Inline Menu.

If you happen to be grading an essay question, it will make sense for you to want to grade just the students with ungraded submissions and then select the first student on your list. Grade this student's essay and then select

Save & Next
to cycle through all of your students. If you leave, all you need to do is return to the grading screen and again choose only students with ungraded submissions. When grading essay questions, LON-CAPA will give you essay grading keyword tools at the top of each grading page. For example, if you want the keyword "velocity" to be highlighted in every essay submission, just click List and type the word velocity. After grading a few essays in this example, you may realize that you want the keyword "vector" to be highlighted, this time you highlight the word on your screen with your mouse and then click the link Paste Selection to List. The keyword "vector" is now added. The Highlight Attribute choice gives you options to change the default highlighting scheme. For each student, you can also click on the option Compose message to student and leave a message for your student to read next time he or she visits the problem.