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Along with showing the Numerical Response editor, figure Help also shows the parameters for one of the simplest possible types of numerical responses. The Text Block has the problem's question, which is the static text "What is 2 + 2?" The Answer is "4". The Hint has been set to something appropriate for this problem. Everything else has the default values from when the problem was created.

If you create a problem like this, hit Submit Changes, then hit View after the changes have been submitted, you can try the problem out for yourself. Note the last box in the HTML page has the answer LON-CAPA is looking for conveniently displayed for you, along with the range the computer will accept and the number of significant digits the computer requires when viewed by an Author.

As you're playing with the problem, if you use up all your tries or get the answer correct but wish to continue playing with the problem, use the Reset Submissions button to clear your answer attempts.