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When you communicate with other users in the system, your name appears as a link to your Personal Information Page.

To change this internal LON-CAPA information page, do the following:

  1. Either move your mouse pointer over your name at the top left of the page, and select Information from the displayed dropdown, or click Main Menu on the Inline Menu and Select Set user preferences in the My Space group then select Personal Information Page This will bring you to your Personal Information Page.

  2. Click the Edit link in the Functions menu.

  3. To upload an image to your Personal Information Page, click the
    button in the editor and grab an image from your computer. When you have made your selection, click the
    button to save the image to your Personal Information Page.

  4. Clicking ANY of the
    Save All
    buttons will save the entire page.

For more information about editing template files, see the "Editing Template Files" section (Help).


  1. If you choose to communicate anonymously within the course, students will not be able to view your Personal Information Page through the normal link, but Course Coordinators will still be able to view the page through the normal link.

  2. The My Personal Information Page is a special page; it belongs to you, not a particular course. Contents of that page remain the same no matter how many times it appears. All changes made to the page propagate to all links. Bear in mind, as populating your My Personal Information Page for multiple courses, you may not wish to add course-specific information.