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Message Forwarding for Users with Multiple LON-CAPA accounts

If you have multiple LON-CAPA accounts and wish to receive all communication in one account, set LON-CAPA to forward messages sent to your other accounts to the single account where you wish to receive your aggregated messages. You can forward messages to more than one account.

To forward messages do the following:

  1. Either move your mouse pointer over your name at the top left of the page, and select Preferences from the displayed dropdown, or click Main Menu on the Inline Menu and then select Set user preferences in the My Space group.

  2. At the Set User Preferences screen, select Messages & Notifications.

  3. If you wish to send all your LON-CAPA messages to a single LON-CAPA account, type your desired forward address in the text field labeled "Forward to account(s)" in the Forwarding messages to other account(s) in LON-CAPA section. This should be one or more LON-CAPA addresses, in the form: "username:domain", separated by commas.

  4. Click the