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After logging into LON-CAPA with your username and password, you will see a screen where you can select your ROLE. LON-CAPA is a roles-based system. You can always use the same login even though your roles may change. You can be an instructor in one class, a TA for another class, and an author of resources - all with the same username. Selecting Roles at the top right of a page, or Switch to another user role on the Main Menu page will bring you back to the Roles screen.

Two main types of Roles exist in LON-CAPA: Authoring Roles, and Course Roles. Authoring roles are used to develop learning resources. The course role is where resources are inserted into courses. You may have multiple instances of either type of role. For example, each separate course has a course role. You may make use of more than one authoring space role depending on your involvement in collaborative LON-CAPA content creation.