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This is a list of functions that have been written that are available in the Safe space scripting environment inside a problem:

We also support these functions from Math::Cephes

 bdtr:  Binomial distribution
 bdtrc:  Complemented binomial distribution
 bdtri:  Inverse binomial distribution
 btdtr:  Beta distribution
 chdtr:  Chi-square distribution
 chdtrc:  Complemented Chi-square distribution
 chdtri:  Inverse of complemented Chi-square distribution
 fdtr:  F distribution
 fdtrc:  Complemented F distribution
 fdtri:  Inverse of complemented F distribution
 gdtr:  Gamma distribution function
 gdtrc:  Complemented gamma distribution function
 nbdtr:  Negative binomial distribution
 nbdtrc:  Complemented negative binomial distribution
 nbdtri:  Functional inverse of negative binomial distribution
 ndtr:  Normal distribution function
 ndtri:  Inverse of Normal distribution function
 pdtr:  Poisson distribution
 pdtrc:  Complemented poisson distribution
 pdtri:  Inverse Poisson distribution
 stdtr:  Student's t distribution
 stdtri:  Functional inverse of Student's t distribution

Please see Math::Cephes for more information