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How to deal with multi-part problems

Often, there are several parts in a specific problem. For example, a problem with three parts would have parts 0, 11, 12, and 13. For a general spreadsheet, it is not often desirable to sum up all of these parts, while not knowing how many parts there are as the spreadsheet is written.

The spreadsheet has a preprocessor which can expand a symbolic expression over all symbolic names that fit. The general syntax is [&EXPANDSUM(VARNAME;expression)].

For example, for the above assessment with three parts,

would become parameter_0_weight*stores_0_awarded + 
parameter_11_weight*stores_11_awarded + 
parameter_12_weight*stores_12_awarded + 
parameter_13_weight*stores_13_awarded + 
where bolded text is used to highlight what the &EXPANDSUM function is doing.

What 'tries' means

In multi-part questions, the exported value for "tries" is now the average number of tries to get the parts right. The full data for each part is still stored by the system.