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The student view of the spreadsheet is restricted to the student's personal data, calculated by the Student Spreadsheet. Students are only able to view their personal data in courses where the environment has been set to allow the student view of the spreadsheet, see Changing Course Environment for Student Access to Spreadsheet (Help). To view their data, students will click the Grades item in the inline menu displayed on any LON-CAPA page.

Students can also access display of their own grades from the Main Menu by pressing View current problem status and grading information.

If the course contains assessments which indicate the student should not be able to view the results, as is the default for an exam, the row will appear blacked out and the data will not be present. Once the answer date has passed for the resource, the row will be shown.

Students cannot modify the spreadsheet in any way. Students are not able to view the Assessment Spreadsheets or Course Spreadsheet.