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Either select Modify parameter settings (due dates, etc) for resources and the course on Main Menu to set your course parameters. This will bring you to the Parameter Manager screen. From that screen, choose Edit Resource Parameters - Table Mode.

You can display parameters for the entire course or just select the enclosing folder (map). Then choose which of the three levels you want to set parameters for.

The three cascading levels (Help) are:

  1. Course level: The course default; will apply the parameter to every resource in the course.

  2. Map/Folder level: Will apply the parameter to all resources in a particular folder or map, and will override the course defaults.

  3. Resource level: Parameters apply only to one particular problem and those parameters override the map/folder level and course level parameters. You may want to use the Problem Parameter functionality instead (Help).

If you choose the map/folder level or resource level, you will be given options to choose which folder/map you want to display.

Select the parameters you want to view in table mode. Optionally, you can specify a single user or groups or sections of users for which you want to set parameters.

To set parameters, click on the underscore link in the appropriate location to add your parameter. Note, when setting resource level parameters, you must make changes under the "for Resource" column only.