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The following requirements must be met to ensure that you will succeed in building LON-CAPA problem files from a file containing testbank questions.

  1. The uploaded testbank file containing questions and answers must be either plain text, rich text format (RTF), or a web page (i.e., HTML format). Testbank files in RTF and HTML formats may contain images. If conversion to LON-CAPA fails for RTF or HTML formats, re-saving the testbank file from the application originally used to generate it in plain text, and re-uploading the file to LON-CAPA may solve the problem (albeit with the loss of formatting information).

  2. All questions must occur before any of the answers. Each question should begin on a new line starting with a number followed immediately by a space, a period, or enclosed in parentheses, i.e., 1 , 1., (1), 1), or (1 . If you use a word processor to create the testbank questions you must disable auto-formatting of lists, otherwise the formatting will not conform to the new line requirement.

  3. One or more correct answers need to be provided for all questions (although the answer text may be blank for essay questions). Each answer should begin on a new line using the same numbering scheme as used for the questions, and all answers must occur after all the questions.

  4. Multiple choice and multiple answer correct questions should consist of (i) the question number followed by (ii) a question stem beginning on the same line and (iii) two or more foils, with each foil beginning on a new line and prefixed by a unique letter, or Roman numeral, listed in alphabetic or numeric order, beginning at a (alphabetic) or i (Roman numeral), followed by a period, or enclosed in parentheses, i.e., a., (a), i., or (i)

  5. If fill-in-the-blank or multiple answer questions have more than one correct answer, each answer should appear in a comma-, tab-, space-, or new line-delimited list. For a ranking/ordering question, the änswer" should contain the foil identifiers correctly ordered in a similarly delimited list. If two or more foils have the same ranking, they should occur together, with an equals sign separating equally ranked foils [e.g., (b),(e)=(a),(d),(c)]