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There are multiple things here that you will need in order to run an exam.

  1. You will need to be able to get a file from your scanning office that is a scan of the bubblesheets.

  2. You will need to modify the file to properly describe what your data file looks like.

To see a homework problem set turned into a bubblesheet exam you need to set the parameter 'problemtype' for the set to 'exam' using the Parameter Manager, see section Help. The set of problems now should automatically convert to a "bubbled input" display, both online and when printing. You should be able to print out all of the exams now and there will be an individualized exam for each student.

When grading the exam you will need to

  1. View any problem within the set

  2. Click on Content grades

  3. Click on Grade/Manage/Review Bubblesheets

  4. You will then need to upload the bubblesheet data file to the LON-CAPA server

  5. Once it is uploaded go back to the Grade/Manage/Review Bubblesheet screen

  6. Fill in the Specify file and which Folder/Sequence to grade form

From there on out LON-CAPA tries to describe what is going on in detail so reading the screen and answering the questions should be straight forward.

We are also supporting anonymous mode of using bubblesheet exams.

Basically some people don't want to take the time to hand out 300 exams to individual students (e.g., to make sure Alice gets Alice's exam and Bob gets Bob's exam.) So we have another mode, where we generate different exam versions all of which have a 6-letter 'CODE' which control the random numbers. The generation and grading of these is a bit more complex.

  1. Go to a resource in a course

  2. Click Print in the Functions menu.

  3. Select 'Selected Problems from < mapname > for CODEd assignments'

  4. Specify formatting information for the printouts of your exam

  5. Click

  6. Type in the number of exams you want generated

  7. If you want to save the CODEs for later so the bubbled input can be validated, type in a name to save them under

  8. Click

  9. Print them out

  10. Fill in some bubblesheet forms

  11. Get them scanned

  12. Upload the scan results

  13. Go to a resource in the exam

  14. Click Content grades on the Inline Menu

  15. Click on Grade/Manage/Review Bubblesheets

  16. Select the map, datafile, bubblesheet format that knows where a CODE is on the form, and the name that CODEs where saved under

  17. Click
    Grading: Validate Bubblesheet Records

  18. Follow the on screen prompts