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Browsing resource, all submissions are temporary.

Some things to do with &EXT()
request.filename/home/httpd/html/res/msu/albertel/test/ext_examples.problem full internal path of the current resource
request.uri/res/msu/albertel/test/ext_examples.problem Uri of the currently viewed resource
request.statepublished state of the resource, eith construct or publish
user.namepublic16427999712336616.26795406 username of user
user.domainpublic Domain the user is in
user.course.sec Users's Course Section
environment.firstname User's firstname
environment.middlename User's middle name
environment.lastname User's lastname
environment.generation Jr., Sr., III, etc.
environment.screenname User screen name (name that appears in FDBK postings)
environment.nickname User nick name. (Name the user prefers to be called in person
environment.id user id number
request.browser.version0 Version of the users Browser
request.browser.typeunknown What type of browser is the user using
course.description Descriptive name for a course
course.num Internal Course Identifier
course.url Current course toplevel map.
query.* query.* allows access to the passed in form parameters
query.grade_target Ignore this. It isn't generally useful.
Other things:
$external::target web Whether we are printing (tex) or viewing on screen (web)
$external::part 0 current Part id
$external::gradestatus The solved status of the current part.
$external::datestatus CAN_ANSWER The current status of the problem (CLOSE, CAN_ANSWER, etc.)
$external::randomseed 1642799971 The randomseed currently in use.

Some things to do with &EXT() inside of a homework problem.
Anything data that shows up in the 'all deatils' view in PGRD is avaliable, as is the current value of any
user.resource.resource.<partid>.<responseid>.submission text of the most recent submission
user.resource.resource.<partid>.<responseid>.awarddetail Detail of how the most recent submission was graded.
user.resource.1:resource.<partid>.<responseid>.submission text of the submission on the first submission to the problem. The '1:' is not neccessarily the first try on the problem, rather it referes to the first 'transaction' in the data for this problem. Take a look at PGRD for a problem with the submissions view set to 'all details'.
user.resource.resource.<partid>.tries current number of tries on the problem
user.resource.resource.<partid>.solved current status of the problem
user.resource.resource.<partid>.awarded A floating point number between 0 and 1 inclusive, that is the percentage of the weight for this problem.
user.resource.resource.<partid>.award Detailed award of the most recent part was graded. (This will be one of the <responseid>'s awarddetail

You can get access to the current values of some parameters. But these only work reliably in a published problem that is in a course.
resource.<partid>.<responseid>.tolerance Current setting of the tolerance parameter for the particular response.
resource.<partid>.maxtries99 Current setting for the maximum number of tries for the part.

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