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Botany online - The Internet Hypertextbook inclusive of all its parts is copyrighted.

Do not consult this web-site unless you agree not to hold the editors and authors of "Botany online" liable for any errors or omissions. The data were assembled by human beings, and to err is human! All contributions remain the intellectual property of their respective author. The authors keep the full copyright of all their material without any limitation and without interference with the development and forthcoming progress of their own www-projects. All files of "www. botany-online.org" are free for personal and educational use only. Any commercial use requires the written permission of the individual author or copyright owner. This holds especially for duplications, translation and the feeding into and processing in data processing systems with the aim of commercial use. This copyright note has to be added to all non-commercial copies.

Peter v. Sengbusch b-online@botanik.uni-hamburg.de