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Digitized Electron Micrographs of Plant Viruses

Note: additional digitized electron micrographs are available at the Plant Pathology Dept. at RES and at the Veterinary Sciences Division at The Queen's University of Belfast.

Copyright notice: This notice must accompany any copy of the distributed images. Images cannot be used for commercial purpose without the consent of the copyright owners. Images are NOT in the public domain. Images can be freely used for educational purposes.

(c) 1994 Thorben Lundsgaard, C.J. Woolston and Ed Rybicki

Image Origin and Restrictions

These images were mainly kindly provided by Thorben Lundsgaard and Ed Rybicki but some are my own. Whilst it is likely that we will be happy to let you use these images for educational purposes, you should bear in mind that we retain copyright - these images are not public domain. They must not be used for commercial gain or profit without the express permission of the copyright owner(s).

What is Currently Available (revised last: 16 Mar 94)

Not all groups of plant viruses are covered, but it is hoped that the collection will eventually expand to include the missing groups. To view an image, select (ie. click on) a virus example of interest. The image will automatically be downloaded to your hard drive and displayed on your screen.

So far there are good quality images of:



                        Alfalfa mosaic virus           240,000 
Bromovirus             Brome mosaic virus             currently unknown 
Carlavirus             Potato virus M                  36,000
Caulimovirus           Cauliflower mosaic virus        70,000
Closterovirus          Beet yellows virus             121,500 
Comovirus              Cowpea mosaic virus            220,000 
Cucumovirus            Cucumber mosaic virus          290,000
Geminivirus            Wheat dwarf virus              270,000
Nepovirus              Arabis mosiac virus            180,000
Potexvirus             White clover mosaic             68,000
Potyvirus              Beet mosaic virus              128,000
Rhabdovirus            Festuca leaf streak            300,000
Tobamovirus            Tobacco mosaic virus            65,000
Tobravirus             Tobacco Rattle Virus           113,000
Tymovirus              Turnip yellow mosaic           180,000

    File Format

    The scanned files have been converted to the GIF87a format retaining all 8 bits/pixel gray scale information. There are numerous viewers for this format for virtually every computer whether Macs PCs and Unix machines.

    Digitization Process: Ideas for Customizing the Images

    These images were scanned (digitized) from photographic prints at a resolution of 180 dpi at 8 bits/pixel (256 levels) greyscale. No images enhancement or retouching has been done. I thought that this was best left to personal taste. A simple bit of maths should allow you to add a scale bar (you know the print magnification and you know how many dots (pixels) per inch the image was scanned at. For example, on the Potexvirus image (68,000x) a 180 pixel (1 inch) bar would be equal (approximately) to 3,736 nm.


    If you have any questions about these images, or would like to donate some to this collection, then please contact me:

    E-mail - c.j.woolston@appbiol.hull.ac.uk
    Post   - Dr. C.J. Woolston
             Department of Applied Biology
             University of Hull
             Cottingham Road, Hull, HU6 7RX, UK
    Phone  - +44 482 465549
    Fax    - +44 482 465458

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    1994 Thorben Lundsgaard, C.J. Woolston and Ed Rybicki / c.j.woolston@appbiol.hull.ac.uk

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