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Roland Rueckert

Department: Biochemistry, Institute for Molecular Virology (IMV)
School/College: College of Agricultural and Life Sciences

505 R.M. Bock Labs
1525 Linden Drive
Madison WI 53706

Phone: (608) 262-6949/2-7891
Email: rrr@macc.wisc.edu

Research Areas:

Research Description:
Structure and function of poliovirus, common cold rhinoviruses and insect viruses; neutralization by antibodies and antivirals.


Mosser AG., Sgro JY. and Rueckert RR. (1994) Distribution of drug resistance mutations in type 3 poliovirus identifies xthree regions involved in uncoating functions. J. Virol. 68:8193-8201

Schneemann, A., T.M. Gallagher and R.R. Rueckert (1994) Reconstitution of Flock House Provirions: A model system for studying structure and assembly. J. Virol. 68:4547-4556.

Lee, W.M., Steve Monroe, and R.R. Rueckert (1993) Role of Maturation cleavage in infectivity of picornaviruses: activation of an infectosome. J. Virol. 67:2110-2122.

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Thursday, November 17, 1994, 6:11 PM
Peter DeVries (pdevries@facstaff.wisc.edu)

1994 UW-Madison Molecular Biology

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