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Guidelines for Submittors of Online Virology Materials

We welcome your contributions to this Virology server. We are looking for online course notes, course outlines (syllabi), tutorials, virus animations and images, and anything else that might be useful for researchers, teachers, students, or the public.

The "Borrowing" Process

"Fair Use" - When Is Permission Needed to Reproduce Copyrighted Material?

The Authoring Process

Documents can be in the form of:
  • Text
  • Hypertext (HTML)
  • Images (GIF or JPEG)
  • Animations (MPEG or QuickTime)
  • Postscript
There are a number of ways to convert documents written with a word processor to hypertext (HTML). Or you can write HTML documents from scratch. The following are good references:

And a good general reference:

The Submission Process

There are currently three ways to submit materials for inclusion on this World Wide Web server. Choose the method that is easiest for you.
  • Submit your materials via FTP. This is preferred method. FTP to rhino.bocklabs.wisc.edu and place the document in the donor_uploads directory, or...
  • Email your materials in UUENCODED or BINHEXED format to sspencer@netconcepts.com, or...
  • If you are unable to utilize either of the first two methods, and there is no computer support person available at your institution to assist you with FTP or Email, you can send a disk containing the materials to:
              Stephan Spencer
              Institute for Molecular Virology
              University of Wisconsin
              Room 627 Bock Labs
              1525 Linden Drive
              Madison, Wisconsin 53706  -USA-
(In the not too distant future a mechanism will exist from within Mosaic for uploading a document.)

Thank You!

Consider yourself a pioneer in the area of collaborative virology teaching!

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