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Dr. Amine Noueiry


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In this site I will be adding links to some sites of interest to me. These will mainly be related to science, nature, sports, and culture. In my biographical statement, you will find links to many of the mentionned places and issues; please feel free to explore any or all of them.

Biographical Statement

Currently, I am working as a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Wisconsin in Madison. My work involves the identification and characterization of host factors involved in positive strand RNA virus replication using mutagenesis techniques, and an innovative system where a plant virus-brome mosaic virus (BMV)- is made to replicate in yeast. Yeast is an organism with extremely well developed genetics that lends itself to intricate manipulations not possible in other organisms, allowing the relatively fast and efficient identification and characterization of host factors involved in viral replication. During my graduate studies towards my Ph.D. degree at the University of California at Davis, my research centered on the disease resistance aspect of plant improvement, mainly on virus/plant interactions. I was able to elucidate the role of the two movement-associated proteins in geminiviruses, assigning specific and previously unidentified functions of these proteins, and providing direct evidence for macromolecular trafficking in plants. Since the main defense of plants against viral pathogens seems to be restricting viral movement, the results and techniques developed during my studies should allow for better breeding strategies for disease resistant plants. Such work is currently in progress at UC Davis. I received my undergraduate degree from the Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences at the American University of Beirut (AUB). I appreciate the excellence for which the school strives, affording me the opportunity to continue my studies in the United States. The combination of modern plant biological techniques and classical breeding methods offers new and exciting possibilities for plant improvement. Given the opportunity, I would gear my efforts towards developing plant varieties that suit the needs of the region I grew up in, emphasizing productivity and disease resistance. I am especially interested in improving local, traditional plant varieties so important in their contribution to my culture.

To email the man click here: anoueiry@facstaff.wisc.edu


NCBI: The National Center for Biotechnology Information
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Homepage
The Saccharomyces genome database
SCOP: Structural Classification of Proteins
Good Thing to Read about Protein Homology Searches (page has no title)
The World Wide Web Virtual Library
PNAS: The Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences or more generally NAS members public homepage
Biology workbench For great searching capabilities, but only if you have a java enabled browser.
Tree of Life Here you can find the phylogenetic relationship between all living organisms. It's a beautiful site.
Pedro's Biomolecular Research Tools for helpful tools in molecular biology
The Sanger Center home page for links to other science sites
The American Type Culture Collection home page to do a search and even order anything you want that they might have
Science Magazine home page for the latest issue of Science magazine if you are subscribed.



THE ONION: Full of made-up bogus news, this is the funniest paper that ever came out. It also has the best info on things happening in Madison. It'll take you a while to appreciate the humor. Clue: be open minded.


A lot of information has been collected about the AUB. Browse in here to see pictures, get info, and more.

AUB home page

Lebanon section of the Levant Multicultural servers




Pictures, sometimes movies and other stuff not of interest to too many people.

To email me click here: anoueiry@facstaff.wisc.edu
Last Modified August 03, 1999