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Morph of reovirus ISVP to core

MPEG version (138K)
Quicktime version (274K)


This movie of mammalian reovirus (created on a Macintosh computer) animates the transition from ISVP to core at the cross-section of a vertex. It is at this step that the remaining portion of its outer shell is lost. The mu-1 protein is lost by proteolytic degradation, which somehow allows the sigma-1 protein (the spikes at the vertices) to dissociate from the particle and the lambda-2 protein to change conformation in a way perhaps similar to the budding of a flower. This conformational change opens up a channel or pore from which the viral RNA is extruded.

A morph is a combination of a cross-dissolve and the movement of pixels in order to simulate a smooth transition between the start and end images. This type of special effect is popular in movies and on TV (e.g. a man turning into a wolf or panther).

The start and end images are courtesy of Kelly Dryden and Tim Baker, Structural Biology Group at Purdue. The data displayed were derived from computer image reconstruction of cryo-electron micrographs.

Created July 1993.

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